VelocityDB, Inc.

VelocityDB was founded by Mats Persson in April 2011. Mats is a software architect and developer of high performance and scalable databases. He was the leading architect and developer of a market leading object database technology. Over a 14 year period with the company he contributed numerous critical product improvements and created many new product features that were instrumental in supporting their market leading business. Like many object database companies founded in the late 1980’s, their database was built on a foundation suited to hardware, networking, and software of that time. Working with a clean slate he envisioned a next generation product built and optimized for today’s technology platforms. Mats took his comprehensive knowledge of high performance database design and developed a modern, next generation object database system called VelocityDB. The result is the optimal database system for flexible, distributed, parallel, scalable and high performance demands.

VelocityDB was born near the beautiful La Jolla Cove in California

La Jolla Cove