Database Benchmark

Some people created a nice well made GUI based tool for comparing Database performance and size. We have used this tool for performance tuning of VelocityDB. The benchmarks are limited in scope but for what they test, they are very good and compare 11 different Databases. VelocityDB performs nicely in comparison. Only the mysterious STSdb performs better in some cases but STSdb has a very limited API, isn't distributable, and cannot directly store classes with relations to other classes. The entire benchmarks lacks such cases and also doesn't test large objects. Databases part of the benchmark include: STSdb, Acess 2007, db4objects, Firebird, H2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle BerkeleyDB, Perst, and SQLite. The official benchmark version 1.1 did not include VelocityDB. You can test VelocityDB with this tool using the VelocityDB implementation of the benchmark tests. The benchmark version 1.1 did not use .net 4  but you can make it work using .Net 4.0. VelocityDB files: . The C# source code for the entire tool can be downloaded from here. The benchmark shown here is with RecordCount being 250,000.

Adds [RecordCount] number of records to the database. The database must give an opportunity to directly access the added records by their index - 0, 1, 2, ... RecordCount - 1 thereafter.

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