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VelocityDb.Collection.Comparer Namespace

The VelocityDb.Collection.Comparer namespace contains classes for the VelocityDb Comparer classes optimized for persistent storage in VelocityDb databases
Public classByteArrayComparer
Compares two byte arrays
Public classCompareByFieldKey
Use this predefined comparator whenever the sorting can be defined by specifying one or more fields of the sorted Key type.
Public classCompareByFieldIndexKey
Internal use for Index implementation
Public classHashCodeComparerT
When the type of object being compared is a simple type like a string and you don't care about the sort order, then this comparator is what you want to use. It is similar to using a hash based collection but with less overhead (more compact) This kind of comparator especially shines when you create the BTreeSet/BTreeMap using a comparisonByteArray size of 4
Public classSimpleComparerT
When the type of object being compared is a simple type like string, int, ..., this is the comparator you probably want to use.
Public classVelocityDbComparerKey
The base class of for comparing persistent objects. If the Key objects implements IComparable then the NodeKeys are compared that way, otherwise the Id are compared