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BTreeByteArray Properties

The BTreeByteArray type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage
We only want this type of object on any page containing this type so don't use pages with other type of objects when placing an object of this type
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage.)
Public propertyCache
We do want to cache this kind of object since they are likely to be frequently used.
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableCache.)
Public propertyObjectsPerPage
Place this type of of object on its own page
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableObjectsPerPage.)
Public propertyPagesPerDatabase
Use the max limit for this type
(Overrides OptimizedPersistablePagesPerDatabase.)
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