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PageInfo Class

Each Page has a PageInfo that provides info about a page and can be used to turn on/off compression and encryption for a page.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityDb
Assembly:  VelocityDb (in VelocityDb.dll) Version: (11.1)
public class PageInfo

The PageInfo type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompressed
A Page can be compressed or not.
Public propertyEncryption
A Page can be encrypted with DES or not.
Public propertyFirstFreeSlot
The first available page on the Page.
Public propertyNoFreeSlotInBetweenInUseSlots
Is there no gaps of unused slots in between the in use slots (all contigous in use slots)?
Public propertyNumberOfSlots
The number of objects/slots on the Page.
Public propertyOnDiskSize
The byte size of the Page when it was last written to disk.
Public propertyShapeNumber
If non 0, all objects on the page have the same Type.
Public propertyUncompressedSize
The byte size of the Page when it was last written to disk (before any compression was applied).
Public propertyVersionNumber
Each Page gets its page version incremented in every transaction where the it is updated.
Public fieldStatic members_pageInfoByteCount
The size of the PageInfo at the start of each Page.
Public fieldStatic members_pageInfoByteCountV1
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