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VelocityDbListT Class

A list with an Oid containing objects ordered by index.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityDb.Collection
Assembly:  VelocityDb (in VelocityDb.dll) Version: (11.1)
public class VelocityDbList<T> : OptimizedPersistable, 
	IList<T>, ICollection<T>, IEnumerable<T>, IEnumerable

Type Parameters

The type of objects contained in this kind of list

The VelocityDbListT type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Number of items in list
Public propertyIsFixedSize
Always false
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Always false
Public propertyIsSynchronized
Always false
Public propertyItem
Gets or sets an item at a certain index
Public propertyObjectsPerPage
Limit to 1000 per page (instead of default 40000)
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableObjectsPerPage.)
Public propertySyncRoot
Used for thread safety
Public methodAdd(T)
Adds an item to a list
Public methodAdd(T, Int32)
Adds an item to a list and if array needs to grow to hold new item, it grows to a given max size.
Public methodAddRange
Adds the elements of the given collection to the end of this list.
Public methodBinarySearch
Assuming list elements are sorted by default sort order, finds the position of a an element or position where it would belong
Public methodClear
Removes all items from the list and frees the array
Public methodContains
Checks if an item is contained in the list
Public methodCopyTo(Array, Int32)
Copies list to an array
Public methodCopyTo(T, Int32)
Copies list items to an array
Public methodGetEnumerator
Public methodIndexOf
Finds the first index of an item
Public methodInsert(Int32, T)
Inserts an item at a specified index
Public methodInsert(Int32, T, Int32)
Inserts an item at a specified index
Public methodInsertRange
Inserts the elements of the given collection at a given index.
Public methodLast
Get the value at the last position in the list
Public methodPersistMyReferences (Overrides OptimizedPersistablePersistMyReferences(SessionBase, Boolean).)
Public methodRemove
Remove an item
Public methodRemoveAt
Removes an item at a specified index
Public methodRemoveRange
Removes a range of items
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