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Schema Properties

The Schema type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage
Objects can be stored more efficiently if all object types on the page share the same type. By default mixed types are allowed. Override this to return false for types that should not share pages with other types.
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage.)
Public propertyCache
Do cache CacheEnum.Yes
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableCache.)
Public propertyLookupByType
For use in VelocityDBExtension DLL
Public propertyTypesByName
All persisted types ordered by Type name
Public propertyStatic memberWeakReferencedTypes
Info about what Types another Type is referencing indirectly via object Id reference or other non explicit/weak reference. If your class persists objects with implicit/weak references to other persisted objects then register this facr by adding to this DictionaryTKey, TValue. Information provided by this DictionaryTKey, TValue is primarily used by Database Manager Schema Connectivity Window.
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