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TypeVersion Class

Contains info about a version of a VelocityDbType. The info is used when reading/writing an object of the
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityDb.TypeInfo
Assembly:  VelocityDb (in VelocityDb.dll) Version: (11.1)
public class TypeVersion : OptimizedPersistable, 

The TypeVersion type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage
Objects can be stored more efficiently if all object types on the page share the same type. By default mixed types are allowed. Override this to return false for types that should not share pages with other types.
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableAllowOtherTypesOnSamePage.)
Public propertyAnyFieldIndex
Does managed type or its base classes include a field index ?
Public propertyAnyTypeIndex
Does managed type or its base classes include a type index ?
Public propertyAutoIncrement
Does managed type or its base classes include an auto increment field?
Public propertyBaseShape
Get the base TypeVersion or null if none exist
Public propertyCache
By default, the an object cache is determined by a SessionBase constructor parameter but certain types of objects may be re opened more frequently than others, for such types override this to return a value. Caching objects this way can cause out of date object references to stay active due to lacking code to invalidate a cached object when referenced objects are replaced. We will add this automatic invalidation as soon as possible but for now use caution when caching objects. Caching objects that does not strongly reference other objects is OK to do.
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableCache.)
Public propertyCountStart
Set where AutoIncrement counter should start
Public propertyDataMemberArray
Get an array of fields represented as DataMember. Does not include fields from base classes.
Public propertyFieldIndex
Does managed type include a field index ?
Public propertyIsFixedSize
A type is fixed size if it only has fixed size fields
Public propertyIsISerializable
true if ISerializable otherwise, false.
Public propertyIsString
Is this schema for type System.String ?
Public propertyIsValueType
Is managed type a ValueType ?
Public propertyType
Get the .NET type of the schema class
Public propertyTypeIndex
Does managed type include a type index ?
Public propertyVelocityDbType
Get schema class object managing a particular .NET type.
Public methodEncodeForCsv
Encode a persistent object as a string for csv export
Public methodEquals
Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.
Public methodGetDataMemberList
Get a list of all DataMember of this type including base classes.
Public methodLoadMembers
Loads member fields from persistent storage
Public methodObjectBytesFromStrings
Converts string representation of an object into VelocityDB object byte representation.
Public methodPersistRefences
Persists references from an object
Public methodReadMe (Overrides OptimizedPersistableReadMe(TypeVersion, Byte, Int32, SessionBase, Page, Boolean, Schema, Boolean, ListIOptimizedPersistable, Int32, Int32, Boolean).)
Public methodSetCount
Public methodToString (Overrides OptimizedPersistableToString.)
Public methodTotalShapeNumberOfBytes
Get the total size of an object of the managed type (including base class fields)
Public methodUnpersist
Removes an object from the persistent store and makes the object a transient object. It does not automatically make referenced objects unpersisted. Best way to do so is to override this virtual function in your own classes.
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableUnpersist(SessionBase).)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(SessionBase, Boolean)Overloaded.
Object details as a string
(Defined by Utilities.)
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(Schema, TypeVersion, Boolean)Overloaded.
Currently only used by Database Manager
(Defined by Utilities.)
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