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VelocityDb.Session Namespace

The VelocityDb.Session namespace contains session classes for interfacing with VelocityDb
Public classReplicaInfo
Specifies a location for a replica of primary DatabaseLocation containing at least the system databases (0.odb, 1.odb, 2.odb ...)
Public classServerClientSession
Use this session class when Page level locking is required and/or not all Databases are local and not reachable by UNC paths.
Public classServerClientSessionShared
Use as a shared session for multiple reader threads connected to one or more VelocityDBServer(s).
Public classSessionBase
Transaction control, database creation and special persistent object api. Each session can use 4,294,967,295 Databases. Each Database may have up to 65,535 Pages and a page can be up to 2 GB in size (.Net restriction of a byte array). The maximum data size a single session can manage is: 4,294,967,295 * 65,535 * 2147483648 = 604453686294542391705600 bytes or about half a Yottabyte
Public classSessionBaseTransaction
Helper object to enable automatic rollback/abort of transaction if transaction isn't committed within it's scope.
Public classSessionNoServer
Use this session class when Database level locking is acceptable and Databases are local or reachable by UNC paths.
Public classSessionNoServerShared
Same as SessionNoServer but SessionNoServerShared is thread safe so it can be shared between threads.
Public classSessionPool
Provides a pool of sessions for reuse instead of creating new session instances every time a session is needed. The pooled sessions includes cached databases, pages and objects. Keep the pool size to a minimum too avoid excessive memory usage.
Public classTypeExtensions
Some extensions to Type