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License Properties

The License type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDateTimeCreated
Gets the time of license creation.
Public propertyDomainName
Gets the restricted domain name
Public propertyExpireDate
Gets expire time.
Public propertyHostName
Gets the restricted host name
Public propertyMajorVersion
Gets/set the major version attribute of a license
Public propertyMaxNumberOfClients
Gets the maximum number of Server clients permitted by this license
Public propertyMinorVersion
Gets/set the minor version attribute of a license
Public propertyObjectsPerPage
Store one License per Page
(Overrides OptimizedPersistableObjectsPerPage.)
Public propertyPlacementDatabaseNumber
Gets the preferred Database number for licenses
(Overrides OptimizedPersistablePlacementDatabaseNumber.)
Public propertyProcessorCount
Gets/sets maximum number of processors for which license is valid.
Public propertyUserName
Gets the user name restriction
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