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DataCache Properties

The DataCache type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAvailableRamMB
Current available memory in MB as calculated by using PerformanceCounter or current use relative to MaximumMemoryUse
Public propertyStatic memberMaximumMemoryUse
Maximum number of bytes to allow for this Process (reduces cached objects and pages when memory allocated reaches this soft limit)
Public propertyStatic memberMemoryUsedByThisProcess
The amount of virtual memory, in bytes, allocated for this process.
Public propertyMinimumAvailableMegaBytes
Decide the minimum amount of available memory before reducing page caching and flushing updated pages. Only used by 32-bit process.
Public propertyPageCacheEnabled
Enable or disable page cache. In cases where pages are not going to be revisited, performance may be improved by disabling the page cache. In other cases leave the page cache enabled (the default)
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