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KeyIndexableGraphHelpers Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityGraph.Frontenac.Blueprints.Util
Assembly:  VelocityGraph (in VelocityGraph.dll) Version: (11.1)
public static class KeyIndexableGraphHelpers

The KeyIndexableGraphHelpers type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberReIndexElementsT
For those graphs that do no support automatic reindexing of elements when a key is provided for indexing, this method can be used to simulate that behavior. The elements in the graph are iterated and their properties (for the provided keys) are removed and then added. Be sure that the key indices have been created prior to calling this method so that they can pick up the property mutations calls. Finally, if the graph is a TransactionalGraph, then a 1000 mutation buffer is used for each commit.
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