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VelocityGraph.Frontenac.Blueprints.Util Namespace

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Public classDefaultGraphQuery
For those graph engines that do not support the low-level querying of the vertices or edges, then DefaultQuery can be used. DefaultQuery assumes, at minimum, that Graph.getVertices() and Graph.getEdges() is implemented by the respective Graph.
Public classDefaultQuery
Public classDefaultQueryHasContainer
Public classDefaultVertexQuery
For those graph engines that do not support the low-level querying of the edges of a vertex, then DefaultVertexQuery can be used. DefaultVertexQuery assumes, at minimum, that Vertex.getOutEdges() and Vertex.getInEdges() is implemented by the respective Vertex.
Public classEdgeHelpers
Public classElementHelpers
Public classExceptionFactory
The ExceptionFactory provides standard exceptions that should be used by all Blueprints implementations. This ensures that the look-and-feel of all implementations are the same in terms of terminology and punctuation.
Public classGraphHelpers
Public classIndexableGraphHelpers
Public classKeyIndexableGraphHelpers
Public classMultiIterableTS
A helper class that is used to combine multiple iterables into a single closeable IEnumerable.
Public classPropertyFilteredIterableT
This is a helper class for filtering an IEnumerable of elements by their key/value. Useful for Graph implementations that do no support automatic key indices and need to filter on Graph.getVertices/Edges(key,value).
Public classStringFactory
A collection of helpful methods for creating standard toString() representations of graph-related objects.
Public classVertexHelpers
Public classVerticesFromEdgesIterable
VerticesFromEdgesIterable is a helper class that returns vertices that meet the direction/label criteria of the incident edges.
Public classWrappingCloseableIterableT