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SessionBasePersist Method (Placement, IOptimizedPersistable, Schema, UInt16, Boolean, QueueIOptimizedPersistable)

Persists an object

Namespace:  VelocityDb.Session
Assembly:  VelocityDb (in VelocityDb.dll) Version: (11.1)
public virtual ulong Persist(
	Placement place,
	IOptimizedPersistable pObj,
	Schema schema,
	ushort slotLimitPerPage = 0,
	bool inFlush = false,
	Queue<IOptimizedPersistable> toPersist = null


Type: VelocityDbPlacement
Placement object determining where to persist the object
Type: VelocityDbIOptimizedPersistable
The object to persist
Type: VelocityDb.TypeInfoSchema
The active session schema
slotLimitPerPage (Optional)
Type: SystemUInt16
Override of how many slots per page to permit
inFlush (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Set to true to disallow page flushes as a side affect
toPersist (Optional)
Type: System.Collections.GenericQueueIOptimizedPersistable
A list of objects waiting to be persisted

Return Value

Type: UInt64
Id of persisted object
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