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SessionBaseCrossTransactionCacheAllDatabases Method

By default databases are referenced by strong references instead of WeakReference across transaction boundaries. This means that such Database may or may not be available as a cached database depending on garbage collection activity and if such database also has a strong reference. This function lets you add a strong reference to all Databases so the cached Database may be used if version wasn't changed by a different thread since prior transaction. A strong reference is removed for any database that get invalidated due to a transaction abort or if another transaction commits a change to it. Check current session state with StrongReferenceDatabaseCaching

Namespace:  VelocityDb.Session
Assembly:  VelocityDb (in VelocityDb.dll) Version: (11.1)
public void CrossTransactionCacheAllDatabases(
	bool enable = true


enable (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Add or remove strong reference. If true, add a strong reference
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