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PropertyType Class

Keeper of Edge and Vertex properties
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityGraph
Assembly:  VelocityGraph (in VelocityGraph.dll) Version: (11.1)
public abstract class PropertyType : OptimizedPersistable

The PropertyType type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIsVertexProperty
Is this a Vertex property, if not then it is an Edge property
Public propertyMyGraph
Public propertyName
Get name of this property
Public propertyPropertyId
Get id of this property type
Public propertyTypeId
Id of a Vertex or Edge
Public propertyValueType
Get the type of property values for this property
Public methodGetPropertyEdge
Try to find an Edge with a given property value.
Public methodGetPropertyEdges
Try to find all Edge with a given property value.
Public methodGetPropertyValue
Get property value of a Vertex/Edge
Public methodGetPropertyVertex
Public methodGetPropertyVertices(Boolean)
Public methodGetPropertyVertices(IComparable, Boolean)
Try to find all Vertex with a given property value.
Public methodHasPropertyValue
Check if an element has a property value
Public methodRemovePropertyValue
Remove a property value
Public methodSetPropertyValue(EdgeType, Int32, Int32, IComparable)
Public methodSetPropertyValue(VertexType, Int32, Int32, IComparable)
Sets a property value for an element
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(SessionBase, Boolean)Overloaded.
Object details as a string
(Defined by Utilities.)
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(Schema, TypeVersion, Boolean)Overloaded.
Currently only used by Database Manager
(Defined by Utilities.)
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