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PropertyTypeTT Class

Keeper of Edge and Vertex properties
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  VelocityGraph
Assembly:  VelocityGraph (in VelocityGraph.dll) Version: (11.1)
public class PropertyTypeT<T> : PropertyType
where T : IComparable

Type Parameters

The type of value used by the property type

The PropertyTypeTT type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetPropertyEdge(IComparable)
Try to find an Edge with a given property value.
(Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyEdge(IComparable).)
Public methodGetPropertyEdge(T)
Try to find an Edge with a given property value.
Public methodGetPropertyEdges(IComparable)
Try to find all Edge with a given property value.
(Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyEdges(IComparable).)
Public methodGetPropertyEdges(T)
Public methodGetPropertyValue
Get property value of a Vertex/Edge
(Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyValue(Int32).)
Public methodGetPropertyVertex(IComparable, Boolean, Boolean) (Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyVertex(IComparable, Boolean, Boolean).)
Public methodGetPropertyVertex(T, Boolean, Boolean)
Try to find a Vertex with a given property value.
Public methodGetPropertyVertices(Boolean)
Try to find all Vertex with a property value.
(Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyVertices(Boolean).)
Public methodGetPropertyVertices(IComparable, Boolean)
Try to find all Vertex with a given property value.
(Overrides PropertyTypeGetPropertyVertices(IComparable, Boolean).)
Public methodGetPropertyVertices(T, Boolean)
Try to find all Vertex with a given property value.
Public methodHasPropertyValue
Does a certain element (Edge/Vertex) have a property value for this property type
(Overrides PropertyTypeHasPropertyValue(Int32).)
Public methodRemovePropertyValue
Remove a property value
(Overrides PropertyTypeRemovePropertyValue(Int32).)
Public methodSetPropertyValue(EdgeType, Int32, Int32, IComparable) (Overrides PropertyTypeSetPropertyValue(EdgeType, Int32, Int32, IComparable).)
Public methodSetPropertyValue(VertexType, Int32, Int32, IComparable)
Sets a property value for an element
(Overrides PropertyTypeSetPropertyValue(VertexType, Int32, Int32, IComparable).)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(SessionBase, Boolean)Overloaded.
Object details as a string
(Defined by Utilities.)
Public Extension MethodToStringDetails(Schema, TypeVersion, Boolean)Overloaded.
Currently only used by Database Manager
(Defined by Utilities.)
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